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Fresh it up: Colourful ideas for an inexpensive home makeover

Its estimated that the human eye can distinguish between one to ten million different colours, which frankly could make choosing the right paint shades for your home a little overwhelming. Luckily, with few simple tips and shortcuts, giving your walls a fresh, inexpensive makeover is a lot easier  and more fun. First, dont actually […]

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Spring is coming it’s time to get your kids in shape

With the pervasiveness of smartphones and video games, physical inactivity in children is a concern year-round  even more so in winter when its much less of a hassle to sit curled up on a warm sofa than to trek out into frigid temperatures. Physical inactivity, however, isnt something to ignore. Sports participation for Canadian […]

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Cooking spotlight: Malaysia’s melting pot

As a land of immigrants Canada is no stranger to cuisine from dozens of countries and cultures  from Mexican, Caribbean and Jewish to Chinese, Japanese, French and Italian. But there may be one country that gives us a run for our money when it comes to our delicious cooking mosaic  and thats Malaysia. […]

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