Staying fit at home without a gym

Whether you love staying fit or you’ve never really gotten into it, the fact is, we’ve been a lot more sedentary than we should be this past year.


Unfortunately, scrolling through Netflix or getting up to open another bag of chips doesn’t actually count as calorie-burning activities. Only real and consistent sweat-inducing exercise can help you improve your health, lose weight and reduce your risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.


But, you say, “I don’t have fancy equipment at home and I certainly can’t afford it right now.” We knew you’d say that J and the good news getting fit doesn’t require a lot of bells and whistles. All you need is 30 minutes a day, a towel and the consistency to perform a few basic exercises four to five times a week.


Here are four simple exercises, according to celebrity fitness coach Gunnar Peterson, that you can do to activate and firm up your muscles, keep your body moving and get healthier:


·       10 body-weight squat repetitions – these work on your legs, abs and posture

·       10 push-ups – these work on your chest, shoulders and triceps

·       10 Supermans – these work on your lower back and core

·       20 crunches – these work on your abdomen and core


Do each of these exercises five to ten times with a short rest (one minute is enough) between them. Your entire workout session should take you about half an hour. If you begin finding it too easy, you can experiment by raising the number of repetitions you do for each exercise – for instance, instead of doing 20 crunches in a row, try 30.


Remember, speak to your family doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. If you feel mild muscle pain in the days following your exercise, that’s a good thing. If you feel any nerve or joint pain, again, speak to a health professional.


How have you kept yourself in shape during the pandemic? Share your exercise tips with the Shop Talk community – we love hearing from you!


Did you know? Home exercise gets a boost


The sale of fitness equipment, like kettlebells, dumbbells and stationary bikes shot up 55% when COVID-19 lockdowns began. (Source)

26 thoughts on “Staying fit at home without a gym

  1. I watch curling I’ve recorded and I have a piece of plexiglass on the floor.
    I take the place of the lead on the team with the hammer.
    When the delivered rock hits the hog line I sweep hard until it gets to the house, no matter what the skip calls.

  2. I was going for much longer walks with my dog during the pandemic but she tore her ACL and now can not walk until her operation so now I just do a 15 minute workout at home every morning.

  3. I am sixty-eight years old and I have been using a rebounder for over a year now. Whenever I go for a walk I feel the improved strength in my feet and increased endurance. Exercising outside, to me these days, means putting my rebounder outside of my house and having fun on it. Thanks for your additional tips

  4. I have always exercised at home. You can also change you push ups by widening or narrowing your are arms width, inverting your hands, and using stairs or even a box to elevate your feet for different push up angles.

  5. Thank you coach Gunnar Peterson well said.

    I know it’s pretty cold these days so walking outside may be too much for many. Alternative going up and down your stairs if you have until you feel very warm will also bring up your heart rate & work your legs. Taking your pet for a walk works too although you’ll need to do an minimum of 45 minutes to get the fat fuels to begin working add some hills & speed walking will be helpful.


  6. Would like to know what superman are? As a 67 almost 68 year old I know how to do the other 3 but have never heard of this exercise.

  7. I am unable to exercises. I am handicapped from the waist down. My arms are the strongest part of my body because l use them to lift myself out of and into a bath among other things.

    1. I’ve been doing an online amazing workout! Coaches are incredible and supportive. Each day there is a new video posted. Upper, lower, cardio, supersets etc etc. Go to The Check it out!

    2. I have been doing some crunches and then going for a walk in the mornings. I will now be adding the push-ups, Supermans and squats to my exercises.

    3. Using free weights for your arms will build muscle and support your joints. Try bi-cep and triceps curls, lifting in front and out to the side, no higher than shoulder height, over-head press ups, upright row, chest presses and rows aiming shoulder blades together. Start easy and work up to 2 sets of 12 repetitions. Don’t forget to breathe through each exercise.

    4. Hello, beside exercise, appreciated that you can advise the proper dining format from Breakfast, lunch, dinner to control the Blood sugar.

      Thank you in advance.

  8. I am sorry to hear about your fate. But at least your a live which i am glad for that. Keep up the good work.Your friend

  9. I am handi-capped by chronic lower back issues. Having had my two lungs swapped out I am doing my best to recover from the Bilateral Lung Transplant. I push through the back pain & breaking in the replacement lungs for which I am very grateful it is a ordeal to motivate myself ! First off is how difficult losing weight can be as the meds cause reactions ! I walk in my basement & up to the first floor on a circuit ! I have dropped some weight & plan to shed some more ! I am 71 years of age ! I make do with what I have it`s not ideal yet it does the trick ! Keep at it my friend , best wishes Brother Michael !

  10. I am walking with my dog every day. We take a drive to the woods close to CHEO Hospital in Ottawa, Ont.
    We will walk for about 1 hr down the path that is the woods. I have a bad left knee, I have to keep it strong. I have a knee replacement.

  11. hi ..i have hard time walking and just moveing ..hurt my back many years ago .the pain is unreel some days. but on other days i can do things that is a good day for me…but the pain days are winning…thanks

  12. I have severe arthritis, especially in both the knees, and can’t do any squats or sit or lie down on the floor. I also have very severe asthma as well and some days I can’t walk from the bed to the en suite bathroom. Is there any exercise for a person like me, other than walking outside? Because of the pandemic, I don’t get out very often as in my city people don’t usually wear masks, people spit, etc. Two years ago I had lost a lot of weight by walking. We have a small apartment and it’s hard to walk back and forth. In any event, I am going to try that starting tomorrow. Thank you.

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