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Remodeling your old kids rooms? Some tips and caution

If your kids are off to university, moved out or married, you may be faced with one of the biggest decisions youve had to make in 15 or 20 years: what to do with their bedroom? For some empty nesters, the question answers itself they sell the family home and opt for more bucolic quarters […]

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Less crash, more flash: Making your dorm room more homey

Dorm life is a rite of passage for every generation of Canadian, and no less so for the thousands of millennials headed to university for the first time this fall. Your diminutive dorm room likely wont be any bigger than your bedroom at home, except youll likely have to share it with roommates, their friends, […]

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Baking the perfect brunch

The inspiration for brunch can be traced back hundreds of years and a continent away to when the British upper class  or at least their kitchen staff  prepared early lunches of chicken galantines, sliced headcheese and port wine to feed gentlemen between their morning and afternoon fox hunting. These days, were more likely […]

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