Easy at-home auto maintenance

We’re not the only ones spending a lot more time at home – our cars are too. But while you’re not driving as much as usual, there’s no reason you can’t still offer your four wheels a little tender love and care.


Here are just a few repairs you can do yourself from the comfort of your own garage or driveway:


1.     Replace the blades: This is an easy one – if your wiper blades aren’t cleanly whisking away the rain from your windshield or leaving a watery film, it’s time for new ones. Economy blades will be cheaper but a high-quality brand will wipe better and last longer.


2.     Replace the air filter: Unclip or unscrew the air filter box retailers and remove the filter. Hold it up to a bright light – if the filter blocks about half the light or more, it’s time for a new one, Here’s how to change it.


3.     Patch up a leaky sunroof: Sunroofs can be notorious for leaking after a few years but it’s usually pretty easy to repair. Open the sunroof and find the drain holes in the front and back corners, then duct tape a small tube to your vacuum to suck out debris hiding in the drains. You’ll want to then drip some water into the drains and see if it’s draining under the car.


4.     Brush out air vents: Dust has a nasty habit of accumulating in the louvers that deliver warm or cool air into your car. The most effective way to clean them is to use a small paintbrush, lightly dipped in furniture polish – the dust will stick to the brush as you wipe. Wipe down the brush and repeat for each vent.


5.     Vacuum: Coins aren’t the only things that fall underneath your car seats. From dried out French fries to leaves and pens, the longer you own your car, the more stuff ends up down there. Slide the seats forward and back, remove the floor mats and let your vacuum cleaner do its job.


For a ton of other helpful car maintenance tips you can do at home, click here.


What tricks do you have up your sleeve to keep your car in tip top shape? Share them in the Shop Talk blog community forum!




Did you know? Keep your lights bright


Cloudy headlights don’t necessarily mean they need to be replaced A headlight restoration kit is an economical way to make them shiny and new-ish. (Source)

21 thoughts on “Easy at-home auto maintenance

  1. Don’t forget cabin air filters – if your vehicle has one! They don’t last forever. Check your owners manual – or online if you lost or never had one. Good place to self self – isolate in your vehicle. Clean filters help a/c cooling and heating system air circulation. There are vehicle models that have high quality hepa filters that help reduce effects of seasonal allergies.

  2. Another quick fix that auto detailers use on headlights is toothpaste.

    Put a small amount on a cloth and clean the headlight.

  3. Thank you for your helpful hints…things that I would never have thought of yet very easy to accomplish.

  4. I have the good fortune of knowing an absolutely well qualified mechanic who lives and works nearby.
    I trust him entirely with my vehicle maintenance.

    1. Good job on having a qualified and knowledgeable technician advise you on vehicle maintenance-in the long run performing regular maintenance will save you tons of cash-and enhance the resale value of your vehicle

  5. One other suggestion is to replace your cabin filters yourself. I my Honda’s it’s a job you can done in a minute or two and save $30-$40 for the effort!

  6. I used to fill up my vehicle’s gas tank every week and now that I’m working from home, I hardly do once a month. Even the once in month is for the sake of using the airmiles promotion since its month specific. I cannot imagine how it would feel when I go back to my weekly fill ups.

  7. If at all possible keep the car in a garage out of the elements- this will prevent brake components from rusting, causing brake pulsation, brake pads seizing in place. Under hood components like engine idler pulleys,alternators ac compressor pulleys can seize when exposed to the same conditions. This can occur on cars with miles on them not newer cars. If those components seize the serpentine drive belt will also break- Running the car and driving it periodically would help prevent these conditions from happening and will also recharge the battery- a borderline failing battery would end up requiring replacement sooner due to lack of regularly being charged. My 2 cents☺️

  8. A easy tune up chemically speaking is a concentrated fuel injection cleaner (STP, Motomaster, Kleen-flo, etc which removes carbon build up and improves fuel consumption. You will notice much better acceleration when entering a highway. Take a look at your mileage range on your next fill up after pouring a bottle in.

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