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If you had a sneaking suspicion that winter had it in for you, you could be on to something. After all, not only do studies show that we tend to eat more when it’s cold, a lot of us seem to be less inclined to exercise when the weather outside is frightful a double whammy if ever there was one.

So, assuming you’re not a winter sport fiend skiing, skating and snowboarding in subzero temperatures, what can you do to stay fit and avoid losing all the gains you made throughout the rest of the year?

Here are three of our favourite strategies to conquer your inclination to hibernate this season:

1.     Exercise at home: Ask your friends for inspiration on Facebook or a local fitness instructor for advice on how to create a simple workout routine at home. Also, there is no shortage of online workout programs, like PX90 and other regimens. So, pop in a DVD, or boot up your iPad, set up your mat in the front of the screen, along with a few light weights and stretch bands, and break a sweat for half an hour, three times a week until the thermometer rises.

2.     Go to the mall: No, in spite of the fact this is the Shop Talk blog, we’re not suggesting you go there to shop (although what harm could there be?). Instead buy a pedometer to measure your progress, lace up your runners and think of your local mall as one humongous walking track. For variety, run up and down the escalators. And take a couple of friends along!

3.     And if all else fails… as someone named Nike once said, just do it and embrace the ice. With the right program and gear, some experts believe an intense run in the snow is a great workout. We’re not entirely convinced but you might be…

And remember, as always, check with your doctor before trying any new or strenuous exercise.

How do you stay healthy in winter? Please share your tips and tricks with other members in the Shop Talk Blog community forum!



Did you know? Brrrrrning calories

If you do decide to brave the cold and workout outside, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing burn 576 calories per hour, ice hockey, 549, and ice skating, 504. (Source)

8 thoughts on “Health spotlight: How to stay active this winter

  1. I know, to some, this may seem silly however whenever I have a chance I stretch including when drinking my coffee I stretch out my legs. While something is heating up I do arm exercises or reaching my toes. It sounds like, “why bother”, however I’ve noticed I can now touch my toes, my arms seem to have muscle definition. Before I get out of bed I will do 5-10 sit-ups. Everything takes very little time however it has proven to be beneficial.

  2. This is a very helpful article on how to stay healthy, well during the winter months. I do admit these times give me and the family doldrums. Thank you for taking the time to share this post.

  3. During winter all i do is sleep and eat. But this tips had give me some ideas on how to stay active during winter. Nice article, good read and informative. Learn a lot of stuff today.

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