4 fashion musts to freshen up your wardrobe in 2017


Iconic New York Times street fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, who passed away last year, once said: “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.”

Few of us have the time or budget to revamp our wardrobes every season or year. But in today’s trying times, we can all use a little extra armour now and then to protect us and make us feel good about ourselves.

So, what trends should you consider to freshen up your wardrobe in 2017?

Pantsuits: We won’t be seeing a lot of these around the White House anytime soon, however this structured but feminine blazer and wide slacks power ensemble, is a must for any woman’s closet. Coco Chanel, who pioneered the look nearly a century ago, would be delighted.

Millennials go midi: Mid-calf hemlines and high skirts have long been considered formal and yet they also elongate and flatter a woman’s figure. A host of designers are embracing the look and reinventing it for a younger generation.

Fur sure: While flamboyant fur coats may be gone forever, the look of fur has never stopped being luxurious. Which might explain why faux fur accents and embellishments in an endless range of vibrant shades, are making a comeback on hoods, on lapels, on sleeves&

Let’s hear it for the boys: Fashion, of course, is a man’s sport too. So, what should guys look out for in the coming year? With light and bright blue denim, everywhere on Europe’s fashionable streets, it appears dark jeans is definitely on their way out. Seventies velvet and suede are back too bell-bottom pants are not, however!

What’s your favourite new trend? And what’s a fashion mainstay you can’t live without? Please share your love of style with other members in the Shop Talk Blog community forum!



Did you know? Thank Mark Twain for your bra

The patent for the clasp used in most bras was granted to Samuel Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain, in 1871. He envisioned its use for vests and pantaloons. (Source)

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  1. I wore Pantsuits in the latter part of the sixties and well into the seventies. It hid a multitude of sins along with the Tent dresses, And who can forget how short the dresses and skirts where. We were watching the slides of Expo in Montreal, and I had a nice little summer dress on, when my daughter said “Mom could your dress get any shorter?” I had the legs for that style. Pantsuits never really left our fashion staple. I now pair good pants with a lovely jacket for a more modern look. And Coco will never leave us and that’s a good thing.

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