Home décor for 2021: What’s in!

Earlier this year, we reported on home décor trends design experts said were ready to be packed away. Now, just in time for a brand new year, we present the latest styles and looks for your home sweet home.


Here are five design trends to watch for in 2021:


Plants, plants, plants: As the pandemic took its toll on our mental well-being, many of us took to indoor plants and flowers – both faux and real – as a way to brighten up our mood and the spaces we were using more and more. The trend will continue in 2021. (Here are some of the easiest-to-care for indoor plants.)


Multi-purpose: With work (and often school) from home, living rooms have become makeshift offices and kitchens are now often classrooms. As pandemic life continues, it’s time to smarten up those spaces. (Here are some suggestions.)


Bold and bright colours: While neutral walls never go out of style, making a statement by choosing a bold red, yellow or even hot pink sofa, chair, rug or throw is a great way to boost the energy and fun in your living space.


Light woods: Dark chocolate and ebony wood floors were big in the 1990s and 2000s but this decade finds its inspiration from Scandinavia and Japan, with white, light, soft-hued and even grey-toned oak.


Inside, out: Being at home doesn’t have to mean staying indoors. 2021 will see making balconies and patios more comfortable for work, with chairs, tables, rugs and plants to mimic our indoors places. (You might want to wait until late spring though!)


What design trends are you most inspired by? Share your thoughts and our own décor ideas with the Shop Talk community!



Did you know? Make it gold


Where chrome and brushed nickel dominated door handles and other accents in recent years, gold and brass are back from the 70s. Even better, mix it up!

23 thoughts on “Home décor for 2021: What’s in!

  1. I think that a very popular upcoming trend is going to be Peel and stick self adhesive styles for walls. It’s a very quick way to update any room with a brick look or a stone wall look. The Peel and stick adhesive wallpaper is my new choice for updating my apartment!

  2. Just moves into a small bungalow from our condo. We had just finished putting up crown moulding throughout and wainscotting bedrooms and hall and I loved it but we weren’t happy there especially my husband. We are now in a place where we have had kitchen gutted and preparing to get a new one. We had pony wall taken down to open up. We are seniors and we must be crazy but we are happier with small back yard etc. I did my walls a warm beige and I love to decorate around the colour and the seasons. I plan I getting live plants and I love the dark wood which we put in even though it shows dust but it has depth. I plan on using granite on counters and island because it has life. I usually decorate with things I like not trends.

  3. I find plants are a big pick me up during this trying time of closed in. The taking care of them is a time consuming event and a pleasant one.
    The sharing of space is a great idea depending on how many in your family. There is always the bed with a piece of board on it.
    I love colours myself. I love bold black and stark white (bright white).

  4. I’ve always loved gold theme growing up and have switched to silver/chrome colours later. It’s good to see GOLD coming back.

  5. i want to put in more plants and colors this year . a beige wall is a major snore fest but adding color textures and plants give the eye lots of places to go instead of it being a beige wall of boredom. of course winning prizes this time of year helps with the covid-19 stress and misery. we always give to others we love but rarley do we get anything for ourselves. thats when winning a contest prize is the nicest things that can happen to a person with a giving heart. receiving gifts is something that takes practice so being selected a winning contestant brings the chance to receive for us gift givers who never buy ourselves anything special. thank you to every site that offeres prizes. living in the last few weeks 2020 is brining hope for a better year ahead in 2021.

  6. gold/rose gold and brass ‘return’ has been around since probably the 2010s…this is not a new trend at all – been around since the whole dark choc/ebony wood flooring you speak of above.

  7. Wish I could afford new afford new furniture.all mine came from family or yard sales. It’s all mixed matched and don’t falling apart.

  8. This is a great idea for gold door handles etc. It would be very luxurious looking, but probably quite expensive!! I’ll probably have to stay with the old ones, I have! I Iove lots of colour especially in the backyard patios, it makes it fun looking, and cozy. My cousin’s patio is gorgeous, with so many beautiful flowers, and gorgeous coloured vases, holders, decorations, pillows, accent pieces hung up; she has a gorgeous back yard…in the summer!!! I would really like to bring more colour into my home, and have pretty and new things like my cousin, but I am older than her, and have acquired furniture from my parents, and other people when my family were growing up, so, I’ll just stick to what I have, unless of course, something is irresistable!!!

  9. I love neutral colours, plants in my house as I plant fresh herbs to put into my cooking of each day, also plants tomato’s, oignions, etc love my natural oil/ humidity air purifier, and natural cleaning products made of oils I use to disinfect my house each day!! Every morning month I chance my decor around or my furniture as for cleaning or just for motivation.. love doing new craft, or just repaint old furniture, etc

  10. 2021 will be a challenge for designers. The older crowd will still be wanting to snuggle into much of the same comforts they are accustomed to. Tech is a natch but it’ll have to fit in. Doable. Now 2021 will also see many of the younger crowd getting their own digs. They are very much into creating a new world or Saving what they’ve been handed to them so I’m sure we will be seeing some very special ideas.

    Designers that will be able to see and express this vision of the future will be privy to some amazing projects. I think vision towards the future will be an important skill to share for savvy designers.

  11. I always incorporate bold and bright colors. It’s the only way to be happy inside when you bring colors from the outside.

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