Look down at your plate. It’s a plant. It’s an animal. It’s superfoods!

In our era of fake news, here’s a reality check: there’s actually no scientifically accepted definition of what superfoods are or what makes a food super. Like comic book superheroes, superfoods are the product of creative minds – in this case,who want to get you to eat better, or sell you foods that you wouldn’tthink of buyingin the first place.

But while the term might be a bit hazy, there’s no question that many of the foods labeled ‘superfood’ are rich in nutrition and eating more of them – along with regular exercise – is a smart way to improve your health.

Among the benefits often associated with superfoods are:

  • Improved nutrition– Superfoods are usually rich in nutrients and low in saturated fats and processed sugars.
  • Strengthened immunity– Nutrients and chemicals in superfoods are believed to keep your immune system in working order so it can fight off colds and some other diseases.
  • Cell health– Many superfoods are rich in antioxidants, which help fight off free radicals and may ward off diseases like cancer.
  • Heart health– Much of the good stuff found in superfoods can also protect your heart and keep your circulation system in good shape.
  • Weight control– The nutrients in many superfoods can help you control your calorie intake and, in some case, even help you burn calories.
  • Healthy skin– Superfood antioxidants as well as nutrients like Vitamin C can help reduce skin damage and keep it looking healthier.

Not everyone agrees on all superfoods, however most dieticians and nutrition scientists do agree that eating these foods is a pretty super place to start:

Berries– While blueberries get a lot of the glory, other berries like strawberries and cranberries are also rich in vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals like flavonoids.

Whole grains– Unlike refined grains, whole grains retain much of the natural nutrients, including fiber, which lowers cholesterol and promotes intestinal regularity. Beans and quinoa are also pretty super.

Kale– Like blueberries, kale gets all the attention but the truth is a lot of other dark leafy vegetables, like spinach, cabbage, chard and broccoli are high in vitamins, fiber and calcium. While not green or leafy, sweet potatoes and squash provide many of these benefits.

Fish– Plants and vegetables make up the bulk of superfoods but fatty fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel are superfoods in their own right thanks to their high omega-3 fatty acid content.

Fruits of the moment– Hardly a week goes by without a TV news report about another fruit superfood, like açai (pronounced ah-sah-EE), dragon fruit and pomegranate. They’re certainly healthy to eat – and better than downing a bag of chips – but often less expensive familiar fruits like raspberries contain many of the same nutrients.

Remember, while these superfoods can help make you healthier when eaten in moderation, be conscious of how you eat them. Many fruit juices, for instance, are so full of added sugar that that their benefits may become questionable.

What superfoods do you like best – or which foods do you think are simply super? Tell us what you think in the Shop Talk blog community forum.


Did you know: What rhymes with orange?

Not cauliflower. But it turns out, while we associate oranges with Vitamin C, a same size serving of cauliflower has nearly as much of the nutrient. Granted, cauliflower juice isn’t quite as appetizing…   (Source)

63 thoughts on “Look down at your plate. It’s a plant. It’s an animal. It’s superfoods!

  1. My super foods are organic vegetables, quinoa with my own garden grown veggies or veggies that I buy at a local farmer’s market. Making my own Hummus while incorporating different ingredients, like cranberries, turmeric, cayenne pepper, etc.
    Another super food for me is a home made soup where I throw in all the veggies I have grown or bought at a local Market, throw in all the spices that aid in improving my health

  2. While organic foods are hyped having a variety of fruits and vegetables and fish or chicken in your diet weekly, the vitamins and minerals needed for good health can be yours. Many of us cannot afford the cost of organic foods so we eat what we can afford. Having a the correct amount of a variety of foods actually helps to sustain our bodies.

  3. I buy cauliflower from my local farmer and the difference in flavour, when it’s just picked fresh, is remarkable. Nothing makes a better lunch than this cauliflower dipped in blue cheese dressing.

  4. As a person living with Lupus (auto immune disease) I have been told by specialists to eat healthy and exercise. I have been surprised of the knowledge I have found on the internet for people recommending fruits, plants, vegetables with immunoboosting properties. I take turmeric once a day to keep the doctor away, as well as fill my house w super foods. Because why not. They may not keep me from taking my meds but a healthy lifestyle can only be a benefit.

  5. To make sure I eat my fruits and vegetables, I always start my day with a fresh homemade smoothie. Just add all the superfoods ingredients and at the end the tastes may surprise you.

  6. dont kid yourself so called super foods have been around for hundreds of years , its the same old food with a new name and with that come super prices . like organic its another fad to get more money out of you pocket . all you need to do is read about foor to know what foods are better for you, and its not called super food .
    another sales gimike , be aware .

  7. While there is plenty to choose from my dietitian that I see on a regular basis ( I am diabetic) told my while some foods are beneficial some so called “Super Foods” have no real benefits at all. In fact you have to be careful because in some cases so called super foods are just an excuse to jack up the price on an item. I have noticed when shopping these items do in fact cost more and I often wonder is it really worth the extra cost.

  8. 🙂 I just added whatever items are listed here that I don’t already have in the house:)…heading to the grocery store!

  9. I really like the Quinta Quinoa for it high source of iron,magnesium and zinc. It is also high in protein and fibre while being very low in sugars and fat. This particular brand has the highest level of iron that I have seen in any brand and has excellent amounts if not more in the other catagories I have mentioned. Check it out.

  10. I made a smoothie from orange juice small amount of kale banana tablespoon of peanut butter for protein teaspoon of honey spinach

  11. We make it a habit to heat a well-rounded whole food diet that is packed full of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean protein such as fish, poultry, pork, beef, legumes and nut butters. We eat vegetable soup for breakfast and it is a great way to start the day when it is eaten with a boiled egg and whole grain toast. It keeps you satiated longer and functioning optimally. We vary our foods so that we can be assured of getting all of the nutrients needed. We buy local fresh produce in the summertime and freeze it for future use in the winter months thus encouraging our local farmers and leaving less of a footprint on our planet and getting the most health benefits from eating produce that has not travelled for days and been on shelves in grocery stores. This also allows us to eat healthily while not having to spend a bundle of money during the winter months when the cost of produce increases dramatically.

  12. cauliflower i a sort of food eat this RAW,steamed, cooked whichever is best., just do not overcook, cauese jts best when steamed or just pour hot water over then consume i mean eat and enjoy.
    your body will love this steamed.

  13. I use to eat all those foods, fruits, nuts every kind every day, no sugar, no salt, exercise 3 times per week, never smoke, cancer not in my family background and I still got breast cancer. It’ s the luck of the draw.
    If you to get it, nothing will stop it. Thank God, it curable now.

  14. My closest rhymes with orange poem

    It’s odd that it pleases
    That vile skin diseases
    Like ringworm or mange
    Rhyme with orange,
    Or change.

  15. I am a 59 year old woman…there is so many diets out there that I am sure they are bigger the oceans. I am a 1200 high protein diet…I am allergic to fish, beef is very hard on my digestive system…had my right colon removed and bariatric surgery done..it failed along with me being on anti depressants….I was hurt at work..slipped and fell on my tailbone..exercising is painful other than swimming which I do 3 times at week for 90 minutes….so I eat the same type of foods every day…chicken, rice, veggies…..I don’t snack or eat junk food..drinks lots of water and tea…

    So my point is that I am tired of looking this way..275 lbs….I HATE IT!! help me with a menu

  16. My superfoods everytime are vegetables and fruits and some whole grains and cereals,becuase whenever we ate this superfoods we are so strong and healthy becuase this time i need to ate nutritious foods,so i can do my everyday routine without getting tired☺️

  17. Liked the article. Just long enough and reinforces the importance of super foods. I would like to add sweet potatoes, watermelon and nuts to my list.

  18. Very good and I took a lot of information away. This will help me make better choices for myself and my family.
    Thank you for the post.

  19. I Love Cauliflower I always added to my salads along with brocoli I also make shakes with spinach ,mixed frozen assorted berries , greek yogurt with promogrenate and one scoop of whey powder

  20. Superfoods are good your health, circulation, heart, low in saturated fats, processed sugar, immunity nutrients & chemicals, so it can fight off colds and diseases. Rich in antioxidants, and may ward off cancer. Help calories intake, to help burn calories. healthy skin, rich in vitamins, fiber, and flavonoids. Lowers cholesterol, promotes intestinal regularity, high in Vitamin C, fiber, and calcium. high in omega fatty acid contents. Superfoods makes you healthier, in moderation, makes you conscious of how you eat them.

  21. Superfoods are good for a heathier life, improved nutrition, better immunity and wards off diseases like cancer. Weight control, antioxidants, nutrients, Vitamin C fiber, and whole grains, improves regularity, high in omega 3 fatty acids, fruits contain many nutrients. Fruit juices are full of added sugar. All in moderation. For all details see http://www.shoppersvoice.ca.

  22. This is a great blog. I am trying to be the smarter eater in the house but there are a few arguments about good and bad healthy foods. I like the idea of finding the seasonal fruits and veggies that are great for you and cheaper!!

  23. Kombuchi is the best probiotic one can take ( done naturally). Yogurt, even plain, has way too much sugar. Supplements like magnesium and vitamin d are essential for health. I find vitamin c is too harsh for my system and finding an absorbable calcium is impossible and tired of wasting my money on these.

  24. Cauliflower is amazing especially for vegetarians. My daughter has made Sesame Chicken, Buffalo Wings and of course mashed potatoes but they were all made with Cauliflower. The Sesame Chicken cauliflower was my favourite!

  25. Very interesting! I lived in the Filipines for many years serving under OMF mission and have enjoyed the various foods, esp. mangoes. I love the Filipino food, and wish I was closer to their stores!

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