What’s in store to get in shape in 2020

As a new decade dawns, it’s a reminder that none of us is getting any younger and taking care of our body and mind is more important than ever.

Whether you’re already a health and fitness devotee or you struggle with getting into a groove to stay fit, a variety of exciting and healthful trends should help inspire you in the years ahead. Here are a few of our favorites:

Watch your technique: Whether it’s classes like CrossFit or traditional weight training, many fitness fans focus on weight and reps (or repetitions). But functional training is a new approach, paying closer attention to technique – how to do your exercises deliberately and well, rather than just simply trying to power through a workout. It’s an effective way to train your body to make your everyday activities easier and safer to perform, through compound movements like pulling, pushing, squatting and rotating.

Working out at home: Many of us feel intimidated to go to a gym, thinking we’re going to be judged by people more fit than we are. No one’s there to judge – we’re all in this together! Nevertheless, if you prefer getting fit at home, a variety of new technologies is making it easier than ever. Peloton is a great example of a high-tech smart bike made for the privacy of your own home but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. New rowing machines, weightlifting machines and even the Mirror, a futuristic full-length fitness mirror that stands in for your personal trainer, will change how we workout in the 2020s.

Pre and post: Working out is a great stress reliever. But many are now integrating it holistically with mindfulness, meditation and better nutrition and sleep to maximize stress relief, anxiety and depression, often through simple smartphone apps and wearable technology that lets you track and monitor your health.

What new and unconventional ways are you using to get fit and stay healthy? Please share your experiences and suggestions in the Shop Talk blog community forum. Sharing is caring!

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15 thoughts on “What’s in store to get in shape in 2020

  1. What works for me are ROM exercises or movements. This is a routine I’ve done for years. In my younger days I did the reps and the weights at the gym but now it’s more about flexibility and range of motion. It can be done especially when you are in pain from an injury or some age related soreness and stiffness. And it doesn’t involve reps so much as changing your movements swiftly so there is no monotony and no desire to rush through the exercise. You work on the upper torso, then go to your core, then your lower body and not necessarily in that order. Ten minutes for each section, a half hour a day. Do this for a year and you’ll stay healthy, happy and fit. The beauty of this workout is you can do it anywhere and anytime without weights and go at your pace. All you need is a little elbow room, indoors or out.

  2. I am 80years and how can I exercise with confidence. I carry a cane while outside but in my home I am ok.
    I need simple excersize to strengthen my legs so that I don’t fall.

  3. I used to work out at home but got bored with it as we were in the basement where the teenagers hang out. It was uncomfortable
    I have joined a gym but I get bored with it and am often approached by men wanting to talk.
    Now I work out at home with you tube videos and music and I also walk on a daily basis. I also fast and do keto way of eating and that has helped to keep me in the healthy range

  4. I cant seem to start and continue.. I am intimidated going to a gym and they are expensive..I was told swimming is great for someone like me.. I did loose 95 Lbs.. but due to two surgeries and laying around after I gained it back but I need motivation to start again and loose it..

  5. I did join the gym and now I stopped and Now I want to get back and do more exercise, I don’t have the motivation anymore!

  6. You snooze you lose. Just DO IT. Most of us know the benefits of exercise. Those are my motivational slogans that get this senior off the couch…doing anything else is better than NOT MOVING. Move the best you can doing something you enjoy..that’s what I do. This time of year my favorite activities include ice fishing, curling, and working out at our local YMCA. Recommend getting out of the house to find a place where you can socialize and meet old friends and even make new ones.Put that together with healthy food choices and you’ll maintain and or regain the joy of being alive. Take care.

  7. Your advise is obviously geared for people much younger than me. What are your suggestions for seniors who fear falling and don’t have the money to spend on $2000 machines and probably wouldn’t be able to use them anyway.

  8. I teach older adults at Variety Village. It’s a one hour full body workout taught by an older adult. The format covers warm up cardio, cool down, muscle training and stretching plus balance work throughout. I believe in a strong technique ensuring injuries are prevented and the right muscles are being used in that exercise. Check out the class. It’s fun and very popular. But most of all you’ll feel better and be proud of yourself for doing something good for you.

  9. The old way, on the treadmill 6 days a week one half (1/2) hour in the morning . On a program that goes up to 4 miles an hour, three times for 5 minutes than slow down to three, three (1/2) and back to four (4).

  10. I started going to the gym and am going to make a point of going 2-3 times a week and 1 1/2-2 hrs every time hasbeen my goal so far and I plan on keeping it…..

  11. Hello everyone im thinking about working out on the machine instead of sitting around doing nothing got to keep the heart healthy

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