Spring Spotlight: 4 lawn care dos and don’ts


Spring springs at the end of this month, which may come as a shock if you’re still donned in layers of sweaters or defrosting your car windows in the morning. But a brand new season really is on the way and sooner than you can say “April showers” lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and spades will return from their winter hibernation in your garage or shed.

Here are three important cleaning, fertilizing and mowing tips to get your spring lawn lush again:

  • Even Leavin’: Half a year of rain, snow and wind has probably dried out your lawn and left it patchy and uneven. Start with a light raking to remove stray leaves as well as a heavier rake or dethatcher to untangle dense ground roots, which make it hard to resuscitate the soil. Then use a shovel to lower raised areas and fill in spots where the soil has eroded. This will make it easier to mow your lawn more evenly later.
  • Reseeding: Before spreading seeds, find out which are most appropriate to your part of the country. Sunlight and temperature can also impact how successful your grass seeds grow so wait until a few warm spring days ideally above 18C before you start. Consider a soil test to help you determine which nutrients your garden is missing. Then water and fertilize your lawn at regular intervals. Ask your gardening expert if you’re not sure.
  • Water: A healthy lawn needs about 2.5 cm of water a week. Rain is preferable so unless it hasn’t rained for three weeks or more, there’s no need for the sprinkler. When it is called for, 15-20 minutes for each area of your lawn is more than enough.
  • Whoa on the mow: A tall, thick lawn makes it more difficult for weeds to establish themselves and also helps the soil retain moisture, so avoid mowing your grass too low or too often once a week will do. Also keep in mind that a low mow removes many of the nutrients stores in grass leaves, inhibiting their growth and making them less healthy.

Given up on your lawn? Here are some low maintenance alternatives to grass turf.

What are your proven dos and don’ts for keeping your lawn in shape? Share them now in the Shop Talk Blog community forum!



Did you know: 4 million plants in your garden

Each blade of grass is actually an individual plant. That means a typical lawn contains as many as 4 million grass plants. How about that? (Source)

9 thoughts on “Spring Spotlight: 4 lawn care dos and don’ts

    1. Have you tried the grass seed for shade?
      I have always used those spots for growing shade plants, ferns,hosta’s, native tulips and such. Are the branches high, low? why not create a bird sanctuary in that area? Is grass important? Be creative, let you imagination loose and good luck with However you decide.

    1. take one cup borax acid (washing powder for clothes, cowgirl on package)
      mix with one tablespoon icing power sugar.(not regular sugar). and sprinkle over hills on dry days or put small amt in a container that pets won’t get into but ants can. puff they disappear 🙂

  1. Great tips! I just ordered a soil test to find out what type of fertilizer and seed I should be using. Hopefully will save a lot of time and money guessing! One thing – I have bamboo shoots growing sporadically throughout the yard. Any ideas on how to get rid of them?

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