The weight is over: 6 sensible ways to shed kilos in 2015

Diminish, dont deny: Denial, as the saying goes, is a river in Africa. Its not a useful dieting strategy. The more we stop ourselves from eating our favourite foods, the more they seem to cry out to us. Instead, allow yourself to cheat once or twice a week  and when you do have a half portion.

Make your goals real: Dont just talk about changing your eating or exercise habits. Put it down on paper or on your PC or enlist a friend. Make a contract with yourself and be specific  and realistic. If you start jogging on the treadmill, do it regularly and for short periods, then build up a few more minutes every week. If youre going to eat fewer snacks, count how often you eat them, then set a goal to snack a third or half as often. Write down what you achieved and update your goals.

Make time: Many of us say, with work and family obligations, we dont have time to devote to exercise. But most of us are simply kidding ourselves if were managing to find the time for Facebook or watching hockey. Again, make it real by scheduling your workouts  one hour three times a week, for instance  onto your fridge calendar or on your smartphone.

Make it green: Unless were talking lime gummy bears, if its green its probably worth eating. Kale, spinach, cucumbers, avocados, zucchini, lettuce are healthy foods to eat and, even better, they keep you from filling up on the bad stuff.

Gym-fright: Public speaking is usually listed as peoples most dreaded activity. But we bet its really working out in front of other folks. Remember, no one was born looking as fit as Sofia Vergara  or Joe Manganiello  and no one is judging you. After the embarrassment wears off, youll find being surrounded by people who take care of themselves inspires you to do the same. And if you really cant go to the gym, exercise at home.

Never give up: New Years resolutions have a reputation for, well, turning into next years resolutions. If you fall behind, pick yourself up and start again right away. Another year is too long to wait to take care of you.

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Did you know? 

To help lose weight faster, when should you drink water? 

Drinking water any time is a good idea. Drinking it before meals fills you up so you eat less. One study found drinking two cups of water before each meal helped people lose more weight than those who didnt.


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