Diet spotlight: Vitamins and supplements

Millions of us take a whole host of vitamin and dietary supplements on a regular basis and, with an increase in usage of these by Millennials, the trend is likely to continue. Although about half of adults take a multivitamin, as well as individual supplements like vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium and omega-3, there’s still conflicting evidence about whether or how much these nutrients actually work.

Here are few supplements gaining in popularity. Before you begin taking these or any other supplements, speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

Lutein: This naturally occurring carotenoid, synthesized in many green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and yellow carrots, is believed to help with maintaining healthy vision. Consumers have become particularly interested in lutein in recent years due to the claim it can protect against blue-light damage from our phone and tablet screens that leads to age-related macular degeneration. Lutein is also believed to improve brain and skin health.

CBD: Cannabidiol from hemp plants – from which marijuana is also derived – is also gaining popularity, in spite of whether CBD products are legal in many jurisdictions. CBD oils are believed to offer significant pain relief, combat anxiety and reduce the risk of diabetes – although many of these claims will take years to confirm scientifically.

Elderberry: As it continues growing in popularity, this flowering plant rich in flavonoids has begun crowding out two other longstanding immune-support supplements – vitamin C and echinacea. A shortage of flu medication last year shined a stronger spotlight on elderberry cold syrups and other products. It’s also believed to help with bladder and urinary tract infections, allergies and digestive health.

Collagen: The most abundant protein in your body, collagen gives shape to your skin, bones, muscles and other connective tissues. Because your body produces less of it as you get older, it’s popularity has increased as Baby Boomers look to reduce wrinkles, ease joint pain and stay healthy and active people search for ways to reduce joint wear and tear.

What nutritional supplements do you take regularly and swear by? Share your suggestions with the Shop Talk blog community forum!

Did you know? Turmeric

Turmeric, a commonly used spice in Indian curry, is a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant and is believed to help prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer – as well as reduce symptoms of arthritis and depression. Some health professionals deem it a fad like kale but you can incorporate it in a smoothie or curry.

48 thoughts on “Diet spotlight: Vitamins and supplements

  1. I do take vitamins multi vitamins for women over 50 and B12 .
    I don’t actually take it every single day maybe 3-4 times per week .
    I eat a lot of veggies and fruit therefore I get vitamins I need from that.
    I have also read and heard how a lot of vitamins are just a huge trend now and a money grab.
    I do believe you need some vitamins but no reason to over do it.

  2. I have terrible arthritis in my hands and arms. A few months ago someone told me about turmeric relieving her pain.
    I was doubtful, but thought I’d try it as nothing else was helping. Within 2 weeks of taking it, my pain was gone. The only time my hand might hurt is if I’m holding my phone too long. Other than that I’ve been pain free!
    No more spending my days and nights in pain!
    Mine is turmeric cucurmin with black pepper. Worked late a charm!

  3. I use Tumeric in everything, I also used the tea on a daily basis. I believe in it, it is good for the health

  4. I have expressed some interest in CDB oil and will definately be discussing with my doctor on my next visit. Recently Marijuana has become legal for recreational use, however I do not use as it makes me so on edge with extreme anxiety. I suffer from cronic pain and have tried many medications including opiods for which I became addicted to. If CDB oil will increase my quality of life and help me manage my pain, then I am all for it.

  5. I knew about the collogen and tumeric before, I’ve recently started hearing more about canabinoids on the news etc. I hadn’t heard of lutien or elerberry, it was interesting.

  6. Lecithin capsules (1200mg) reduce and eliminate, most days, leg cramps.
    For any bowel problems, e.g. IBS, grated carrot eaten first in the morning before food.
    Turmeric, 1 tsp., in 4-5 oz. tomato, V-8 or juice of your choice for inflammation.
    Oregano Oil, 2 drops in a tsp. juice, boosts immune system keeping colds away.
    Red vine leaf (antistax) for edema, heavy, tired, swollen legs, varicose veins.

    If It is my fate to come back after I leave this beautiful planet, I wish it to be as a
    healer, not a doctor, one who heals with all the growing things given to us.

  7. I am now using CBD 1000% oil to help with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety etc.
    I am now recovering from 6 months of IBS. My internist put me on yet another prescription. I found that nothing was helping me and took it upon myself to stop taking the prescription medication and also an extra strength Tylenol for arthritis.
    I am now taking a fruit fibre every day, 10 billion probiotics and a Woman’s over 50 multivitamin.
    Also a daily glass of warm water first thing in the morning is finally helping me to keep things moving.
    I have told my pharmacist and my Nurse Practitioner so both are aware of what is going on.

  8. Which type of collagen is reported to be the most effective. What form is it in and how is it taken? Is collagen Available in the foods we eat ?

  9. i take vitamin e twice a day for the last 25 year and have not had a cold or flu when all people around me have gotten the flu and cold even after getting a flu shot

  10. I suffered with colds that lasted months of lung infections all my life. I am 65 and asap I took Echinacea I can get over it ib a week or 10 days with no bronchitis or other lung infections.

  11. Turmeric has stopped the progression of my eye cataracts – they have not grown for 30 yrs – that is as long as I have been taking Turmeric-Curcumin

  12. Hi!
    Thank You! I always look forward to reading updates, as I would like to enjoy life for awhile longer.
    I take Calcium Daily 500 mg (Only two (2)), as I have always been a Night Person. Try to get to sleep by 2:00 AM. It does not work. It is anywhere from 3 to 7 am, so sleep until 12:00.

    Also, Vitamin D3 1000 UI, B12 100mcg, Vitamin E it varies. I use this on my face two or three times a week. Every morning I have Orange Juice.

    I am Seventy-Seven years old, and I have had an Under-Active Thyroid condition since I was Seven (7) years old.

    I have never had to use a lot of facial products etc. I worked for 41 Years, and the only thing I ever used on my Face was Soap and Water, followed by Nivea Cream. Lately, I am using the Nivea Q10 Pearls to help with minor Crows Feet.

    No major health problems, as I walk weekly and use the Treadmill for a few minutes. Plus, I eat well.

    This is probably not what you are looking for, but I may as well let it all out. Currently trying to lose Five (5) pounds. Weight is 116.

  13. I regularly take Preser vision with Lutein as instructed by my ophthalmologist
    Fo slowing down advancement of macular degeneration. I have taken turmeric now and then, but am not convinced that it serves any purpose, I suspect it is just something that is presently in vogue.

  14. I take Vitamin A for eye health; B12 for good metabolism and the manufacture of red blood cells; glucosamine and condroitin for joint pain and CBD for back pain. I also take iron along with Vitamin C for hemoglobin and Vitamin D for bone health.

  15. Yes, I have tried that CBD but it did nothing for my pain. All it did was make me very sleepy, so stopped.

    Tumeric I do take…??? whether or not it helps. Not really sure…I am riddled with arthritis. My Dr. says there is nothing to help me and I have to learn how to tough it out. ???? I am thinking I might even try the
    cannabis oil…as I have so much pain. Those are the only 2 medications I have tried.

  16. Yes I have known about turmeric. But not eldberry how can one take that. And how does one get collegn into system

  17. I am a recent diabetic and my study into supplements has brought me into all of the noted supplements. I am using all plus more and within the last there months my blood glucose has come down. I believe supplements are necessary for todays lifestyle as the current foods do not contain sufficient nutrients and national and international food production has too much processed foods and additives.

  18. I absolutely agree with the recommendations. I use collagen and turmeric and I know they are good for me. Some others might not like them because our bodies are different and have different needs. The most important thing is to discover what works for you and stick to it. Same with food. One mans meat is another’s poison. I hope to try Elderberry though and see how it goes. One thing is certain, we will not all have the same results.

  19. I do take vitamins every day.:like omega 3.echenecea. Calcium supplement,Osteo Joint Ease,.B12;D &E. Because of my fybromyalgea. I take supplement instead of prescribe meds.

  20. Currently, I take a One-a-Day, Omega 3-6-9 and Cacium Magnesium. I’m planning to incorporate Tumeric into my smoothies in the near future. Where is the best place to buy Collagen and Elderberry?

  21. I take a multivitamin by Jamieson called Platinum Multi formulated for 65+. It has extensive doses of vitamins and minerals and has helped me with improved energy energy levels, lessened joint discomforts etc.

    I also am a avid users of various spices with my my cooking. At 71 I find this combination extremely efficient in improving my well being.

  22. I take Centrum once a day with D3 maximum calcium glucosamine 750mg d3 1000mg hair and nails cranberry.I feel great.madeline

  23. I’ve heard so much about all of them alot good some bad all depends on the person I guess.I have yet to try them a lot of people have suggested it because of my severe fibromyalgia.

  24. Already use turmeric and it defeniately is a anti inflammatory I use it at least twice a week in a tea mixture.

  25. I was in a horrible accident on Christmas Eve and the pain is unbearable sometimes. What with our physicians not being allowed to prescribe even Tylenol 3’s, due to the new “laws” put out by the College of Physicians, there have been many who have suggested using CBD oil. I am 65 and am using anti inflammatory cream at $97.00 a jar and the pills (need prescription) with it seeming to lose it’s helpfulness after a short period of time, the idea of using CBD is becoming very inviting. My quality of life is fast decreasing, so what would be the downside? I’ve thought it over and can’t seem to find one. Iwnas very interested to see the information on your blog. Many thanks. I have decided I will have to try CBD and look forward to potentially getting some relief.

    1. I have arthritis in my neck and take the Standard Process Tumeric Forte. It is made with added fenugreek for better absorbtion.
      I also take grapeseed extract daily and ma the only family member who has not had skin cancer.

  26. I use CBD regularly. I find it helps with my cronic pain n fibromyalgia. It makes it easier for me to do daily tasks

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