2018’s standout movies and performances

It’s red carpet season – with the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards last month and the 91st Academy Awards later this month. No matter who actually wins, like you, we have our own take on who should take home the most prized statues in Hollywood. So here’s our list of favourites from 2018.

Standout villain: It’s possible no one will ever top Heath Ledger’s posthumous Oscar-winning performance as the Joker but Michael B. Jordan was electrifying as Killmonger in the landmark superhero movie Black Panther.

Standout actress: We’ve been a fan of Toni Colette since the classic Australian comedy Muriel’s Wedding and she hasn’t failed to disappoint since then. In 2018, her performance helped make Hereditary one of the scariest films since The Exorcist.

Standout actor: Ethan Hawke has been on our radar ever since he stood up on his desk and showed his reverence for “Captain, my Captain” Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. His characters are always intense and memorable, no less so than in this year’s First Reformed.

Standout director: Mexican director and screenwriter Alfonso Cuaron has been wowing audiences and critics for more than 20 years with memorable films like Y Tu Mama Tambien, Children of Men and Gravity. This year he did it again with Roma, a Netflix film many are predicting will get the nod at one or more award ceremonies.

Standout movie: For nearly a decade, Netflix has proven Hollywood can make small screen movies and series that are just as good as those made for the big screen. While Roma has lots of buzz, another Netflix film is still keeping us up at night. Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock is a smart horror thriller that proves that what you don’t see can be scarier than anything you imagine.

What are your favourite movies and performances of 2018? And what are you Oscar predictions for February 24? Share them with the Shop Talk blog forum now!

Did you know: Vice President Batman?

Christian Bale may be the last person you’d think of casting as Dick Cheney but he puts in an eerily spot-on performance of the former Veep in Vice.

28 thoughts on “2018’s standout movies and performances

  1. Christian bale dick cheneybird , bird box Sandra bullock, ethan hawk in robin William’s dead poet society
    toni collette in heredity,heath ledger as Joker, alfonso cuaron in roma

  2. Never ever watch or swayed by all this baloney hype. Just a bunch of non woke sillies patting each other on the backs while the greats are left out because they don’t comply with the group mentality of the academies.

  3. Haven’t been to the movies since High Road to China in the 80’s. Have to say that I haven’t a clue what this email was about or who the people are…

  4. Hi! yes, i should watch the golden globes! My faveroit actress is “Sandra bullock” I, havn’t watched much T.V. at all over the year or any new movies, either. ” Best of luck” “Sparks”!

  5. Rami Malek – Outstanding as Freddie Mercury and humble beyond words.

    I can’t believe Gwilym Lee hasn’t been given a nod for his frighteningly accurate portrayal of Brian May!

  6. Christian Bale was spot on as Dick Cheney.
    However saying that after 91 years are the Oscars finally going down the tube? Have these so called stars bowed down to their Golden Idol once to often. Look around you California you took Paradise and turned it into a parking lot.

  7. Best foreign film-Roma.bestmovie drama-vice.best movie- musical comedy-bohemian rhapsody.best actor-cristain bale -drama.best actress-drama-glen close. BEST actor- romimalek-bohemian rhapsody-musical.

  8. Ever since the excellent movie “the passion of the Christ” came out and never even got a nomination because it was a true portrayal of Christ’s suffering for all of us – I have lost interest in the oscars.
    It seems like – no, I mean it IS a fact that only evil pictures full of killing, fornication, swearing, etc., etc., get nominated for an award that means absolutely nothing. Is everyone in Hollywood evil?? Hollywood has become like Sodom and Gomorrah where Lot couldn’t find 10 people that were worthy to be saved from GOD’s wrath. Shame on everyone in Hollywood, double shame!!!

  9. Micheal B Jordan (Killmonger) Played a great villain in Black Panther. Australian Comedian -Toni Colette Played great in Muriel’s Wedding in 2018. Standout Actor-Ethan Hawke playing My Captain in Robin Williams film Dead Poets Society. Mexican Director,Screen Writer-Alfonso Cuaron has been in films for more than 20 years and make Net flex films -Y Tu Mama Tanbien,Children of Men and Gravity,Roma. Excellent Net flex Movie by Sandra Bullock in Bird Box-Love them Blind folds. Enjoyed them all.

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