Creating a more eco-friendly home

With climate change worsening and energy prices on the rise, reducing our carbon footprint is increasingly a concern — no more so than in the space where we spend most of our time: our homes.


The good news is technology and ingenuity may be coming to the rescue. What sustainability trends are picking up steam at home? Here are four we think are really cool:


Sustainable architecture: For homeowners building from scratch, there’s increasing interest in designs that minimize human impact on the environment. From choosing eco-friendly and renewable building materials to installing energy-saving and environmentally conscious heating, cooling, plumbing and waste systems, more and more homes are being constructed with sustainability in mind.


Minimalism: As comedian George Carlin joked, our homes are just places to put all our stuff — and we have a lot of it! Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo and others have been trending in recent years for their message to only buy and keep what “sparks joy” and get rid of the rest. Here are some suggestions from the Declutter-in-Chief herself. 


Furniture rentals: For years furniture rentals have been popular with real estate agents staging their homes for sale but now companies are offering whole-home apartment décor packages for a low monthly fee. Why rent? Well, besides the fact furniture loses most of its value the moment you buy it, it’s also durable, which means it can be rented — or recycled — many times over.


Smart home technology: Smart learning thermostats and energy-efficient LED lighting aren’t new. What is new however are connected whole-home systems and packages that boost efficiency and comfort and can save homeowners tons of money each year.


How are you making your home more sustainable and environmentally friendly? Share your thoughts with the Shop Talk community!

Did you know? Going really green


Perhaps the ultimate way to “go green” is with plants around your home or with a garden in your yard. Plants are natural purifiers, and gardening can reduce stress, improve heart health, lower blood pressure and ease tension. Plus, pollinating plants can help support bees and other insects, which continue to experience habitat loss.

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