Beautifying your home and your lungs with plants

Its long been established that plants purify indoor air as much as they do our outdoor environment. So they dont just beautify our homes, they help keep our lungs healthy too. Well leave choosing the most suitable plants to your own individual taste but here are some original and decorative ways to make the most of your favourites.

  1. Place your houseplants in cast-iron or wooden stands of varying heights, create a floating shelf, group your pots on a bench or even on a chair to add some dimensionality to your indoor garden.
  2. You can also choose plants of different heights and planters made of different materials and textures to liven up your room.
  3. Set a runner on your dining room table and line up small to medium-sized pots of begonias, orchids or whichever plants or flowers you love.
  4. A vintage wooden side table covered with a variety of colourful cacti offers a lively and original look.
  5. A library card catalog is a great vintage piece, made even more fabulous by inserting small planters into its open drawers.
  6. Place a large flowering plant or bush in front of a large mirror for double the greenery and colour.
  7. A large umbrella tree or schefflera near a window at the corner of your living room creates a monumental effect.
  8. A pair of Bonsai trees or other sculpted bushes frame your fireplace beautifully.
  9. On a wide and open staircase, place a series of pots with low-growing plants or mounded herbs on each step.
  10. Connect your home décor and exterior space with complementary plants on either side of your windows  its a clever way to visually extend your living space and draw the eye outside.

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Did you know?

Pesticides & house plants

Recent research finds that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be emitted from pesticides applied to plants grown in greenhouses as well as from plastic pots. Ask your garden centre about plants that havent been sprayed with pesticides and choose planters made of natural materials like clay or ceramic. (Source)

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