7 (not so secret) secrets to staying youthful

If you stop and think about it, once, that face in the mirror had a natural glow, there wasn’t a wrinkle or blemish to be seen – or a grey hair, nothing drooped or bulged or ached. But slowly, day after day, year after year, that all changes. There’s no escaping it: we’re all aging.

But while it’s true there’s no escape from the effects of time, it doesn’t mean we can’t slow it down here and there. Here are Shop Talk’s 7 favourite ways to do just that:

  1. Stop smoking: Set aside the risks of lung cancer and heart disease, smoking takes its toll on our looks, prematurely aging skin by 10 to 20 years and making it three times more likely to get premature wrinkles, not to mention hollow cheeks and stained teeth. Do anything you can to stop.
  2. Load up on antioxidants: Free radicals in the environment and our food break down the skin’s elastin and collagen making it age. Antioxidants like vitamins B and E can slow down the process and protect the skin. Among the foods with the highest levels of antioxidants are goji berries, blueberries, dark chocolate, cranberries, artichoke and cilantro.
  3. Eat more good fats: You may have heard how omega-3 fatty acids (so-called good fat) may reduce the risk of heart disease but they can also make your skin look smoother and younger. Find them in fish like mackerel and salmon, as well as flaxseeds and walnuts.
  4. Eat fewer carbs: Foods with a high glycemic index like white bread, pasta and potatoes form products in the body that can lead to sagging skin and increased susceptibility to sun damage.
  5. Exercise more: Regular physical activity is a way to lose weight and stay healthy, of course, but another positive side effect is feeling and looking younger. So, find a sport or hobby that gets your heart pumping and stay young while you do it!
  6. Stress less: Life has a way of taking turns we don’t expect or welcome – that’s inescapable. In fact, hormones naturally released in stressful situations can have serious aging effects on our bodies, right down to the cellular level. Try to find ways to effectively manage or reduce stressful situations, through more sleep, meditation or relaxation.
  7. Stay hydrated: Water doesn’t just have a profound impact on how our body functions, it keeps us healthy looking too. Not drinking enough can make our skin dry and flaky. If you often forget to drink enough during the day, keep a bottle nearby and refill it often. Your skin will thank you.

What are your most effective tips for staying youthful? Please share them now the Shop Talk blog community forum!

Did you know: Avoid skin damage

About 25% of our lifetime sun exposure occurs before 18 years old – if your kids aren’t wearing sunscreen regularly, they should be. (Source)

34 thoughts on “7 (not so secret) secrets to staying youthful

  1. Great post! Hydration and UV protection are definitely at the top of my list for staying healthy and youthful, inside and out.
    I found it helpful to note that women who are taking oral contraceptives are especially susceptible to sun damage, as advised by my pharmacist.
    So, beautiful people: please remember a facial sunscreen!

  2. Excellent advice so simple and easy to do yet sometimes we overlook thank you for the reminder we all need from time to time

  3. In my small city I participate in the Community Garden Program. They have 3 locations in city parks, at my location we have 50 beds and my neighbour has 1 and we both enjoy the gardening and the other people. I do a little extra activity, I enjoy my walking laps around the outside and if there is other people, I’ll stop and chat for a few minutes or just exchange pleasantries and continue my laps, and I will sit at our new picnic table, I rest and drink some water, also I get to see some birds and rabbits and other animals. I do this everyday weather permitting.

  4. I am finding sun block over 100 works very well. My husband has redheads skin, burn burn burn. Since using the block he does not burn but tans so I began using it too. I’m now 61 and he is 71 but people have asked what we use to keep the lines away, just sunblock in the summers. Try it out.

  5. My husband and I like to spend time with our grandchildren ; walking on Nose Hill, canoeing in the Kananaskis, cycling along the bike paths, sharing meals together and laughing!
    My husband and I dance all over in Canada, the US and Scotland.
    Spending precious time with Family is very important to us.

  6. Attitude plays a big part of aging. Some people are old at 50 . Their thoughts and the way they dress

    can go a long way to stay positive re aging.

    However some people enjoy looking old and that is sad……………..

  7. Probably drinking less alcohol can reduce aging skin and better for the liver and other internal organs as well. Like anything else in life things should be in moderation to live a good and long and healthy life. I know that I should exercise more and drink more water daily. Very interesting blog and thank you for posting it.

  8. I haven’t started working on any plan yet. But I try to eat balanced diet. I use sunscreen to protect my skin from sun damage.

  9. I drink a lot of water daily, and have done for over 15 years. My skin benefits from my water intake, with exception of my limbs. I don’t put cream on my legs and arms as often as I should and when I do, the cream doesn’t appear to penetrate the skin ver well.
    Any suggestions?

  10. Be active in your community, mentor the next generation. Being around young people can help keep your mind young and active.
    Learn something new, that also helps to keep your mind active.

  11. I find that if you keep a positive attitude about yourself helps. There’s a saying “you are only as old as you feel”. Translate this into thinking young; enjoying things you did when you were a child. I enjoy reading comics; playing board games with my friends; laughing at myself and with others. Anything to keep a smile on your face. I smile at everyone and often tell people “have a good day”

  12. Thank you. I have read the advice page. I use a kettle to boil the water and then refrigerate.
    I like the comments.
    I like being part of the consumer surveys.
    I like the support I get from
    the Canadian Mental Health Association.
    The colours of victory are red, yellow and blue.

  13. The way I stay youthful is to enjoy everything I do. I laugh a lot, I dance a lot and I love being with my family and enjoying life together. That keeps me youthful.?

  14. I’ve recently had a heart set back, 2 stents placed in my arteries. I would like to know what my limitations are for exercise and diet.

  15. Cutting out excess meat in diet is good for overal health.meat should only be eaten once or twice a week.even animals in wild eat only one big feed of meat a week and eat fish and plantation the rest.eat eggs with the egg whites for lechithin and eat beans and nuts in place of meat.you shold eat beans everyday for choresteral.be in the sun a small amount of time during summer daily because it helps your immunity to colds and flus in winter.eat mangos.put a little on skin and aloe vera with coconut water if have alergy to sunscreens.also shea.i used to use coffee on my skin to prevent burns,but thats just me.im not i high burner.coconut oil and aloe best moisterizers.shea is goid too.just use a little or you could get acne.mix it alittle amount with aloe vera.putting fruit in it helps too to keep skin clean.cocbutter is nicer on zits than all these fancy moisterizers.kajal is known to prevent eye deseases and protect skin from sun minutely.honey good for complexion also but make sure you wash it off or bees will sting you.touch your toes daily.its the centre of your body.

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