Learning games during COVID-19

As another school year begins – with many of our children back to a bricks-and-mortar school and many still learning from home – you’re likely looking for new ways to keep your kids’ brains stimulated and developing as they should.


Online gaming often gets a bad rap and staring at computer or TV screen all day isn’t advisable for anyone. Nevertheless educational online games can be an ideal way to enhance their learning – and keep them safely and healthfully occupied while you’re hard at work.


Online games have been shown to help with childhood development in a number of ways, including:


·       Increased memorization – Games often help kids remember sequences or track story elements in order.

·       Better coordination – Using a keyboard, mouse of gamepad can help kids develop better hand-eye skills.

·       Faster problem solving – Games promote fast, strategic and accurate thinking to help them not only solve problems but think critically and unconventionally.

·       Computer fluency – In our high-tech world, it’s important that children become familiar with how computers work, how to use a keyboard and mouse and how to safely access and browse the internet.

·       Dealing with attention disorders – Studies show that online games can be useful for children who experience attention disorders by effectively holding their attention but parents should still be vigilant to ensure kids still spend time interacting and playing with other kids too.


You can find some great edutaining games here and here – and don’t forget to share your own thoughts and questions by leaving a comment for the Shop Talk blog community.


Did you know: Boys and girls both love gaming


While 97% of teen boys play video games, 83% of teen girls love them too. (Source)

22 thoughts on “Learning games during COVID-19

  1. In todays day computers ans games have bevome an essential so i rhink its great to keep introducing new games and techniques to brighten kuds future

  2. I do believe if they are educational games they can teach you child. But too much time on games and in front of the tv or computer screen is bad for there eyes. Also too much time on games makes your child anti social and they become an introvert. They have difficulties communicating with a live human one in one. This is nit so good when the child turns into a young adult. In China the have dating night for people that spend all there time on computers for the to try to meet a partner. It is scary to watch these young people do not know how to communicate. They say that the population in China is going down because young people are not having children. They do not know anything but sitting in front of a computer. Yes they are god but too much is not good

  3. Great suggestions, my grandson lives with me we play it plenty of Board game, They’re great for learning, spending time together, counting, and adding

  4. My son did gaming when he was a teenager and it seemed to really help him with memorization. I was surprised how focused he could be.

    1. There is only one thing I can say about this with children
      and adults alike everything in Moderation… Children have become so caught up in gaming via TV, Laptops, Notebooks, Cell phone etc. That they can game anywhere anytime. Parent controls and Moderation.

  5. I am very competitive when it comes to video games. My whole entire family sit and play video games all the time all day sometimes. We get too competitive that we get angry at each other when the other one wins lol.

  6. My family have and I have loved online gaming since 1998 back in the days of win98, it all started with Diablo and Diablo LOD for me. I very much like Diablo 3 now and many other games from Blizzard games.

  7. I 100% disagree with this.

    If you can’t send your kids outside to kick a ball (that’s coordination, not pressing a mouse), send them to the basement and have them kick a ball. Kick it at a wall, and get out of the way of it as it comes back. Kick it from a distance, get closer to the wall every 5 minutes. The kid will learn coordination and survival skills.

    Kids need to learn common sense from an early age.
    Computers replace a person’s deductive and reasoning skills.
    If you must have your kids on a computer, have them research Terry Fox and write or type out 4 paragraphs on motivation, inspiration and sheer determination.
    I doubt Terry Fox wasted his time on a computer.
    After that they can research, Bobby Orr, Clara Hughes, Margaret Atwood.

    Just My Opinion.

  8. I have epilepsy and my neurologist suggested gaming for me to help my concentration. It has helped me a lot as I can’t tolerate high doses of medication

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