Father’s Day gift ideas for our 10 types of dads


Back by popular demand after last month’s 9 kinds of moms Shop Talk Mother’s Day feature, we’re excited to bring you gift-giving ideas for ten types of rockin’ dads. So mark off Sunday, June 15, on your calendar and let the Father’s Day shopping begin!

For dad the photographer: Create a timeless photo book keepsake filled with your favourite photos of you and your father. Websites like shutterfly.com offer a variety of sizes, themes and hard or softcover options. Or if you’re really looking to splurge, a brand new digital camera is a gift he can use for years to come. Keep an eye out for upcoming Father’s Day specials.

For the do-it-yourself dad: Mom might cringe at the thought, but if your father gets that satisfied smile from making his own stuff, there’s no shortage of creative gifts to keep him busy beer-making kits, wine-making equipment, bread-making cookbooks, even kits to make his own bacon (yes, bacon).

For the barbecuing dad: If Father’s Day is simply the mid-point in your dad’s barbecue season, he’s sure to love a whole host of gifts for the serious grill master like a deluxe tool set, a potato grilling rack, smoke flavour wood chips, a slider mini-burger press, or aromatic barbecue rubs for pork or beef.

For the dad who loves wine: For the true oenophile, bestow on your father a vintage bottle. A wine aerator or local wine-tasting trip are also guaranteed to please. Or look for wine sellers in your area that offer personalized labeling services and surprise him with a few bottles of “Dad’s Finest”.

For the dad who loves beer: If a pint is more your father’s style, get him a set of beer connoisseur glasses to complement his favourite wheat beer, Pilsner or Lager. Or how about this collectible poster featuring the very many varieties of beer?

For the driving dad, part I: For most of us, a new car is probably a little above our pay grade for Father’s Day. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a hundred and one great gifts for dads who love their wheels. A Scosche key finder lets him use his iPhone to find his misplaced keys, a pair of work gloves will help keep his fingers safe while he fiddles with the transmission and Porsche cufflinks or a BMW passport wallet is certain to add a touch of class.

For the driving dad, part II: There’s no shortage of fathers who love a day on the golf range and no shortage of gifts they’ll love to use on the course. From a laser rangefinder or collapsible pushcart to a driver, golf balls or shoes, the possibilities are endless.

For the techie dad: Dad may or may not enjoy doing chores but the amazing Roomba from iRobot is designed to do the dirty work for him, assuming he’s not mesmerized by watching this space-age gizmo go for hours on end. There’s also the Password Vault, a tiny gadget that stores up to 400 passwords and PINs so you don’t have to. Or you can give him a classic Swiss Army knife equipped with a removable flash drive. If money is no object there’s the Roomba’s cousin, the electrically charged Husqvarna Automower that works in rain or shine.

For the artsy dad: Did your father dream of being an artist  or actually is one? Then consider a gift that celebrates his creative side unique artwork from etsy.com, a coffee table book featuring the painter, photographer, architect or musician he admires most, or a classic vintage piece from online purveyors like 1stdibs.com or caviar20.com.

For the all-around modern dad: For fathers who are a little sporty, techie and stylish, you can’t go wrong with a new leather billfold, tie pin, messenger bag, cologne or a USB pen. Or keep him looking young with skincare products designed especially for men.

What Father’s Day gifts has your dad loved? Tell the Shop Talk Blog community about the gifts your dad is still raving about.



Old standards or what not to buy?

With all the Father’s Day ideas in this month’s Shop Talk blog, you may want to steer clear of the tried and true (or ho hum?).

Tops on the list of most popular gifts: Hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, fishing rods and golf clubs.

And #1? You guessed it, neckties!

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